Block Explorer For Litecoin Testnet


Transaction Hash

25 LTC

Amount Transacted

Block Confirmations

Transaction Details

Block 1668888
Block Hash 0x51f679fa487b15c8299434ec83f4a3a58dc48ec3cabc96f8ad948a5e61a3f849
Hash 0xb917b4492d344b82de048b701fc76de97354ed11cb22124a28f763aa30e0feea
Timestamp 2020-10-26 15:26:26 UTC
Locktime 0
Size 234
VSize 207
Weight 828
Version 1

Inputs (1)

Sequence VOut Coinbase Witness Data Hex Assembly Type Addresses Output TX Required Signatures
0 0x0318771904a2ea965f0827ffff43010000000d2f6e6f64655374726174756d2f

Outputs (3)

Index Value Hex Assembly Type Addresses Required Signatures
0  0  LTC
1  24.375  LTC
pubkeyhash muDcKAJXcBXRXGF1fssB61H681zDYHQ73H 1
2  0.625  LTC
pubkeyhash n2c2Ve3uLx1o5aUVouiiZrm1T12gngJ2w9 1

Explore the Litecoin Test Blockchain Network

Litecoin test blockchain is an open-source software project. Litecoin test creation and transfer of coins is based on an cryptographic protocol and is not managed by any central authority. In technical details, Litecoin test network is so-called fork and nearly identical to Bitcoin.

Discover our dedicated Block Explorer tool to search the Litecoin test blockchain in the click of a button. Anyblock Analytics makes it fast and easy to search the Litecoin test network using either transaction hashes or block numbers and hashes.

Stay in the loop and monitor on-chain events with up-to-date access to the latest Litecoin test blocks and transactions. Using the Anyblock Block Explorer means accessing the Litecoin test blockchain is as simple as clicking on a block or transaction to reveal a detailed summary of all the key information.

Anyblock Litecoin Test Block Explorer Features

Our Block Explorer collates all transactions of the Litecoin test blockchain. Anyblock Analytics translates all raw blockchain data into human-legible information, which for Litecoin testnet means that we work with the network’s data to format the correct decimal place for value transfers.

If you're searching the Litecoin test blockchain explorer using block hashes or block numbers, the results page will show details such as timestamp, block size, block weight etc., as well as all related transactions. You can easily filter through these corresponding Litecoin test transactions by address for a fast and easy-to-use experience.

On the Litecoin test transaction details page, you’ll find all Inputs and Outputs with many details in our block explorer.